Job Seeker

Cheng-Ya comes from a multicultural background and speaks five languages.

She has the Belgian corporate working experience. Corporate environments have taught her tremendous amount on what she does and doesn’t want to do with her time and energy. IT support, business services and facilities management have allowed her to develop her business partnering and work ethic skills.

She appreciates and needs a good challenge.  In that aspect, her ability to adapt to new environments comes in handy. As a team player and communicative individual, she values synergies and constantly seeks harmony in the workplace.

Passion and creativity are her main drivers. Curious by nature, she pays great attention to details and continuously strives to learn. Helping others is second nature to her and those who know her describe her as highly motivated, positive and reliable.

She wants to further communicate her ideas through marketing and reach people’s emotions.

Here is the CV of Cheng-Ya: