The Information Services Department – Weekly Digest

The Information Services Department – Weekly Digest

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HKSAR 20th Anniversary (20A)

HKSAR 20th Anniversary Celebrations and Events

HKSAR 20 facebook page – latest updates

WEF Global Competitiveness Index 2017-18

The Global Competitiveness Index 2017–2018 Rankings Covering 137 economies, the Global Competitiveness Index 2017–2018 measures national competitiveness — defined as the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity. 

(1) Switzerland 5.86; (2) United States 5.85; (3) Singapore 5.71; (4) Netherlands 5.66; (5) Germany 5.65; (6) Hong Kong SAR 5.53  

HK Summary
Hong Kong SAR (6th) has made the largest leap among the top 10 economies this year, moving ahead of Sweden (7th), the United Kingdom (8th), and Japan (9th). Hong Kong is still endowed with the world’s best physical infrastructure and its healthy level of competition and openness ensure extremely efficient markets (2nd), which in turn are supported by strong and stable financial markets (5th). Hong Kong’s labor market is highly flexible and efficient, though it could do better in terms of harnessing talent from its workforce (17th). Hong Kong has also advanced its macroeconomic environment by slightly bringing down its inflation rate in 2016. Its most significant improvement can be observed across the business sophistication (11th) and innovation (26th) pillars, which is a step in the right direction given that the business community consistently cites their insufficient capacity to innovate as one of the most problematic factors for doing business. Japan (9th), with a minor improvement in score, loses one place as a result of Hong Kong SAR’s larger improvement.

Judicial Independence
Hong Kong ranks 1st in Asia and 13th globally for judicial independence, ahead of Japan (15), UAE (16), Singapore (19), Germany (24), USA (25), France (28), Malaysia (41 ) and China (46), Indonesia (52) and Thailand (62). 

Volvo Ocean Race – mark your diaries

27 September 2017

Speech by CE at Forbes 100th Anniversary Celebration Reception

Second quarter 2017 issue of “Quarterly Supplement to Statistical Digest of the Services Sector” published

26 September 2017

External merchandise trade statistics for August 2017

Speech by SHA at opening ceremony of 2017 Cultural Leadership Summit of Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association

24 September 2017

Speech by CE at MIT HK Innovation Node Grand Opening Ceremony

22 September 2017

Speech by CS at 20th Anniversary Cocktail of European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

HKSAR Government’s response to S&P’s announcement of change to Hong Kong’s credit rating

Speech by Acting SFST at Directors’ Conference of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors

21 September 2017

Speech by CE at “Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” symposium in London

Chain volume measures of Gross Domestic Product by economic activity for second quarter of 2017

Consumer Price Indices for August 2017

Speech by CS at Shared Value Forum 2017

Opening remarks by Acting SCED at Shared Value Forum 2017

Speech by Acting CE at International Conference on Smart Future: A Global Perspective

HK and UK signed agreement on FinTech co-operation

Speech by CE at HKTDC Annual Dinner in London

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