Testimonial Internship Aug-Dec 2019

As an Intern at the BLCC I have received a very wide range of tasks & responsibilities. I have had the chance to learn the do’s and dont’s of event management, built up a website, take care of administrative work, contacted and approached potential new members and sponsors and I have been creating a digital magazine for the Chamber. I also had the opportunity to attend numerous receptions & events myself, which were a perfect opportunity to network and expand our community.

Throughout my internship I realised that the communicative & networking aspect was of utmost importance. To back up the BLCC moto which goes as follows: “we serve, link and act” I spend most of my time “serving” the members of the Chamber, as the BLCC is a membership driven organisation. I did this by acting on their requests or by linking them with contacts from our community. The BLCC community being one if its most important assets, and on which I worked on a daily basis.

This Internship has given me a very practical & in depth perspective on many different industries and Business practices. By being exposed to an extensive number of companies from different industries, and individuals ranging from Government officials to CEO’s of big multinationals; often individuals with very interesting backgrounds and fascinating experiences to share, from which I learned a lot.

Being in Hong Kong for a couple of months also triggered my interest in Asia & has definitely made me realize that this part of the world is like no other. The intensity, drive and work commitment I have noticed while living in Hong Kong, inspires and motivates me the push myself for the future.

Grégoire van Strydonck, trainee Project Manager September – December 2019